Robert’s Story

Nederlandse versie



For years I have been working as a photographer. Mostly I take pictures of people and especially men. With the arrival of digital photography and the smartphone daily moments also became a source of inspiration for making photographs.

Shooting whatever the moment brings has been my way of doing shoots. Working with whoever comes to my studio and whatever situation presents itself. In this way I have been doing great shoots with a lot of fun.

In 2017 I started a nude series experiment. Though this started as a challenge for both myself and the models working with me, this also uncovers the proces of showing myself. Looking back on previous work there are themes showing in my photography that have a place in my personal life. They unconsiously found their way into my work. Nice to see but also it’s an incentive to change and bring themes consiously into my photography. Working with emotions en themes relevant to my own live or opinions. Thisway I want to give more of a story to my photograps.

This change also brings the question of how I see myself as a photographer. What suits me? The answer is I see myself more and more as a fine art photographer, as an artist, who is intrigued by the male as subject of my photography. That this originates within my own sexuality shoud come as no surprise. A man is best mirrored by an other man. The male is therefore always the subject in my work. Out of emotion, rawness and guts. Both in my artwork aswell as work on assignment. This feels like the right way to go and much more exiting. Consiously working my own themes, or those of a client, in my photographic work means I have to show parts of myself everytime in order to give meaning to the images.