Plans for 2019
. . . A new year, time for new things…. Alhough. Ideas for new projects are not specifically born on the 1st of January. However the start of a new year is a great moment to look forward to the plans you have for the coming period. I plan opn going forward with my fine art photography. The photography Iḿ making, the collaboration with the models, the search in shooting the image I want to make… I love it! My own creative minds has a tendency to go all directions once I’m shooting. Focussing on doing just the shoot I had in mind is going to be my big challenge for the coming period. I’m also working on prepariing for a couple of projects. Some of my recent shoots, in wich I worked with models and rope, inspired me to start a project with the working title ‘Rope & Emotion’. Also I’m working on a project about the 7 sins and got plans for a third project of an even bigger challenge. More about that later this year. Stay tuned by following mij instagram and facebook accounts!
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